Frequently Asked Questions

The more the better, even if it is just for the one time analysis. When I see more swings/at bats, the better I am able to breakdown your hitters swing. I can get a better assessment of their skills by having more data through more videos. I will only breakdown and draw on one of them, but I will talk through all of the good and bad that I see your hitter doing. 

Lots! You have access to pages of content from other members dialogue with me, along with dialogue from member to member within my community. You also get access to my daily video blog. In this daily blog I may break down video footage of an MLB hitter and discuss the things that he does that I really like. I also may expand on a question from the dugout that really got my attention, or perhaps something cool that happened in the MLB from the night before. It’s a 2-3 minute daily blog in which I may discuss a member’s question that catches my attention that I would like to elaborate further on.

I do not have any of my athletes take supplements. I do add protein shakes to their diet, but by definition protein is not a supplement. I also do not put a length on the program. All athletes vary in their ability to either gain or lose weight. In my program I leave open the option for clients to check in to give me an update on how they were doing so that I may tweak their diet if necessary

I believe there are a lot of benefits for the upper level player. The one-time video analysis is invaluable regardless of age. There is also an advantage to sending in a video when your hitter is swinging the bat well. You then have video documentation, with analysis, as to why your hitter is hitting so well so that it may be used as a reference point when struggles occur. The analysis is also massively helpful when your hitter needs a quick fix. For instance, if you are out of town at a showcase, chances are he will not be able to receive instruction before his next game. If you choose the analysis that is time sensitive, your hitter will then be able to see his swing so that he will be able to make his adjustments before his next game.

Most of my video analysis will be returned within a 24-hour period. If you reach out to me letting me know that the analysis is time sensitive, I will get it back to you before his next game.

With the video analysis membership, yes you get 4 different analysis a month, but there is no wait time between analysis. For instance, if your ball player has a game on Tuesday you can send me video on Wednesday for analysis. If he has another game on Friday you can send that to me for analysis Saturday. With this membership you also are a member of the Dugout and also get access to the daily video blog too.